Unsent Letters

“Shout, shout, let it all out…” Yep. Exactly like that song by Tears For Fears. Do you ever feel that something resides within you, unspoken? That someone is gone, no longer available and lost forever, or simply doesn’t want to hear from you? Or that the expression of certain strong feelings which you’re keeping to yourself inside, may not be very appropriate for any kind of actual real-world conversation? Well don’t fret, there’s hope for you yet.

The simple act of writing a letter can really help you sort through and deal with internal conflicts or pain. Unsent letters are great tools for catharsis, completion and clarity. Do you replay things and go over familiar internal dialogues in your head, repeatedly fantasising what you would do, or what you might tell a certain person, if only you could? Don’t just hold it all in, write a letter, and discharge your emotions. Clear your mind, stay sane and find some peace.

Anger, grief, hostilities, resentments or affections. Writing an Unsent Letter is a wonderful way to say absolutely anything you want, without risking damage to any existing relationships you have, and a perfect way to release pent-up energy. Unsent letters don’t need to be angry, they can also bring clarity to confusion, or closure to a relationship or situation. Write one to those people in your life who have left you, or whom you have left. Tell them all the things you would if you could. For example, you might start with “What I’ve been most afraid to tell you is…” or “I want you to know how I feel about…” Try it with people who are still in your life, too. Also, it’s interesting to try and write a letter to yourself – from someone else! This can give you an entirely different perspective on many things about your life, and how you relate to others.

It’s okay to write to someone or something that isn’t actually a realistic or practical audience, for example, someone who is no longer in your life, or to whom you don’t have access, or a person who has died. With this total freedom in mind – what is it that you want to say? You really can write anything you want, without censoring or editing yourself, without fear of judgment or reprisal! You can say the rudest words you can imagine, or things you wouldn’t dare to actually say to someone in person.

The whole point of an Unsent Letter, of course, is NOT to send it! By doing the following once you’ve written your letter, you’ll protect both yourself and the secret subject matter of it too: tear the letter into pieces, burn it in the fireplace, flush it down the toilet, rip it apart with your teeth, or cut it up with scissors… the chances are extremely high that you’ll feel much better, and fast, or collapse into a giggling heap on the floor. Unsent Letters can really help you dump that extra baggage, and many find allowing negative emotions to be discharged like this, to be incredibly positive stress-reducer.

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Unsent Letters